October 13, 2015

Jean-Louis Boudart



Jean Louis Boudart is an independent consultant focused on Java/JEE technologies and a serious devops ! He has been developing, building architecture, coaching developers,  assisting customers to build robust and ready to use applications in a very agile way.

As an Open Source addict, he is deeply involved in the open source community, having participated in (or lead in the case of EasyAnt) the following projects:

He is particularly interested in subjects related to software quality improvement (build automation, continuous integration, quality audit), devops and internet of things.

Technical knowledge :

  • Programming language : Java/JEE, Python, Javascript/CoffeeScript, C/C++, Delphi, PHP, HTML / XML / XSL, Shell, Perl
  • Build system, continuous integration, software factory : Apache Ivy, Apache Ant, Apache EasyAnt, Jenkins,Hudson, ArtiFactory, Nexus, Archiva, Maven, Junit, TestNG, CruiseControl, Eclipse, Subversion, Git
  • Infrastructure Automation : Rundeck, Puppet, Ansible, Docker
  • Cloud : Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Storage
  • Main frameworks and components : Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS, JBPM, Android, Activiti, Tapestry5, Struts 1 / Struts 2, JSF2, Primefaces
  • Application Servers : Jboss, Tomcat, TC Server
  • Databases :MongoDB, Cassandra, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, MS-SQL Server, DB2
  • System and network : Linux, AIX, Windows