February 2, 2016


Open Source, Data Science, Cloud Computing and Infrastructure

Consulting and Development


SenTai is a consultancy team formed in 2013, made up of highly qualified and experienced mathematicians, data scientists, engineers, and software developers.

Meaning of SenTai

In Japanese, sentai (戦隊) is a military unit and may be literally translated as “squadron”, “task force”, “group” or “wing”. The word sentai is the composition of the kanjis « combat » (戦, sen) and « squadron » (隊, tai).


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What we do

With a strong team  of data scientists, Open Source and .Net developers, devops, system architects, A.I. / Machine Learning & Big Data specialists, we offer consulting & development services to:

  • Analyse your needs,
  • Propose coherent, scalable & optimized web based applications, based on
  • Customer focus, training, and handover of custom built platforms

Customer Focus

Customer focus is at the top of our priorities: we work very closely with your internal IT and Business Analysts to bring about the best possible solution matching your needs. We work hand-in-hand with your IT teams to help to train them with the new platforms and help them with the takeover once a platform is complete and in production. See IT Feedback.

Open Source

Our philosophy is all about Open Source platforms: we leverage of the vast number of open Source frameworks, services, languages, and platforms, to develop resilient, scalable and affordable Cloud based platforms. We also connect to your existing .Net infrastructure, and help with mixed Open Source / .Net requirements, especially in Banking and Finance, where it is quite common.

Industry Specialization

The industries we specialize in are FinTech (Banking, Finance) and Renewable Energy. We have been involved in various computing and & Big Data related projects, whether it is :

  • Rewriting a legacy system,
  • Porting it to Open Source technologies and cloud infrastructure, or
  • Developing from scratch.

We build highly customized, cloud computing, Big Data and AI (machine learning and data science) solutions.

With considerable experience in Banking and Finance (banking, asset management, algo trading), as well as various other industries such as renewable energies, we

  • analyze existing systems, transform and optimize them for the cloud using Big Data technology,
  • or design and build from scratch new solutions for future Big Data and predictive needs (AI, Machine Learning).

We bridge the gap between business needs, often in the form of excel based financial models, and highly scalable technology implementations.

For more information on Financial Services Industry Specialization:


See the case study “Canaccord Quest Equity Valuation Platform for Asset Managers“.


Cloud and Infrastructure

We specialize on, and partner with Google Cloud Platform (GCP), to leverage unique and state of the art infrastructure and platforms.

Using GCP, we leverage their IAAS and PAAS solutions such as their Big Data platforms as a service, as well as Google’s Machine Learning technologies, to create highly scalable and optimized predictive solutions, in various industries.

Besides achieving high technical marks, our strength also relies on closely accompanying clients from start to finish, helping them understand, take over, and manage these custom built solutions.

See also Infrastructure.

Big Data and Data Science

For more information on the following topics:

Legacy Cloud Migrations

See the case study “Canaccord Quest Equity Valuation Platform for Asset Managers“.

Web and Mobile Expertise

We also design responsive web front ends and mobile apps to deliver a complete web based solution, with management dashboards, and high end user oriented web platform.


We are a highly efficient and agile team of scientists & developers.


Remote Work

Although we are based in Paris, FR, most of our work is done remotely. Furthermore we work closely with several partners who specialize in Data Science, thereby bringing together the best possible collaborative teams to tackle your Development, Infrastructure, Data Science and Cloud Computing projects.

Case Studies

Our last project was a vast 2 year re-design of a large scale automated equity valuation platform for a Canadian bank: Canaccord Genuity’s Quest platform. It is a computationally intensive financial platform with a heavily graph oriented web front end, based on nightly data retrieval from S&P. Thanks to our algorithmic and technology sophistication, we were able to perform 60 billion computations on a daily basis, in less than 30mn, on a high end Google Cloud Compute Platform.

Infrastructure and Cloud Computing: Quest Platform

Data Science

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