October 9, 2015



On the scientific & mathematics, both Luc Hazoumé & David Senouf are proven Mathematicians & Data Scientists, as well as accomplished developers.

On the cloud platforms, the rest of the team, Nicolas Romanetti, Jean-Louis Boudart & Florent Ramière, are the experienced architecture, infrastructure & Open Source developers.

We are experts with the entire array of various cloud hosting and infrastructure tools provided by Google. Please also read the following case study.

David Senouf
Project Lead / Mathematician / Data Scientist
Ph.D in Mathematics from UCLA in 1994, former Internet Startup co-founder in France, today Data Scientist & Open Source advocate. Extensive experience in Financial markets. Interested in various industrial applications of mathematical modelling & numerical computations. Focus on data science & business efficiency via usage of cloud based collaborative environments such as Google Cloud Platform, Google Apps, esp. Google Sheets & Javascript. Geometric Abstract painter, surfer & snowboarder. For more details, please go to https://sentai.eu/about/team/davidsenouf/
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Florent Ramière
Java Hoplite
For 20 years Florent Ramière has been developing complex to build, easy to use software. He likes to be an architect but also a developer or a coach. Coding is his passion. Understanding what the users want is for him a fun game. What matters to him is getting ambitious things done in a challenging technical and human environment. When he is not in front of a computer he likes to runs and go for long rides with his mountain bike. For more details, please go to https://sentai.eu/about/team/florentramiere/
DevOps and Computing Optimization
Jean-Louis Boudart
DevOps / Open Source Addict
Jean Louis Boudart is an independent consultant focused on Java/JEE technologies. Deep involvement in open source community (Project lead on EasyAnt project : http://www.easyant.org, Jenkins commiter ). He is particularly interested in subjects related to software quality improvement (build automation, dependency management, continuous integration, quality audit, ...) and devops. For more details, please go to https://sentai.eu/about/team/jeanlouisboudart/
DevOps and Infrastructure Guru
Nicolas Romanetti
Nicolas Romanetti is an experienced Software Engineer with scientific background. He has worked for 5 years in the USA prior to founding Jaxio and creating Celerio, a code generation Software that has been used by the French Central Bank to rewrite key business applications. Nicolas is able to find creative and innovative solutions to complex problems. He is obsessed by quality and always longs for simple and elegant software solutions. Nicolas holds an Engineering Diploma from Telecom Paris Tech, one of the leading Grandes Ecoles in France and a Master 1 of Fundamental Physics from UPMC Paris 6. For more details, please go to https://sentai.eu/about/team/nicolasromanetti/
Developper and Java Guru
Luc Hazoumé
Financial Engineer, Mathematician, Data Scientist, Developper
.NET / C# / Azure / Neural Networks Guru. Applied Mathematics & Computing (stochastic processes, optimization, programming etc...). Mathematical Finance (Quant IT / Structurer / Strategist / Algo trading). Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing (Azure). Problem solving, Curious, Scientifically challenging. Modelling & Pricing (Finance), Software Development (.NET / C# / Azure / SQL Server). Statistics / Machine learning / Data Science / Neural Networks / Machine Learning Rugby, Running (+/- triathlon) For more details, please go to https://sentai.eu/about/team/luchazoume/
Data Scientist and .Net engineer
Data Scientist