October 13, 2015

David Senouf




David Senouf, president and Chief Science Officer of SenTai, has combined experience in the academic & scientific domain, as well as Finance, and IT. Following a Ph.D in Mathematics at UCLA in 1994, he did two post-docs in Mathematics, and experimental Physics (both at UCLA). David has published his work in several scientific journals, in the fields of mathematical physics and numerical analysis listed below.

After his scientific work, David worked for Lehman Brothers in London as a Government Bond Trader for several years. He then started independent work in the integration of risk control systems for hedge funds and asset managers, and gradually evolved in the world of Open Source.

Now he works as a Data Scientist, combining his various IT, Scientific, & developer knowledge, with a particular focus on optimizing end-user tools such as Google Sheets, tableau Software, & various client oriented tools.

He remains involved in scientific endeavours, passionate about Cosmology (geometric & algebraic models of the universe). He is also an accomplished & prolific abstract painter, having produced more than 100 works of fine art pertaining to geometric abstraction.


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Current scientific endeavor

Advanced models of cosmology involve the tessellation (tiling) of 3-Spheres by Platonic Solids in a 4-dimensional algebraic setting, the Quaternion algebra or hypercomplex numbers. Of particular interest is the so called Poincaré Dodecahedral Space.  See for example “A cosmic hall of mirrors“. Poincaré Dodecahedral Space, Jeffrey Weeks. For more information on the subject, please see “Cosmology and the Golden Ratio“.