November 4, 2015

Computational Platforms

Computational Platforms

We specialize in developing cloud based computational platforms for Financial Industry Services and Renewable Energy companies.

  • Legacy Platform Cloud Migration: we can help you with legacy migration issues, typically transforming a self-hosted Microsoft based computational platform to an Open Source Cloud based platform
  • Infrastructure & Cloud Services: we leverage off our deep knowledge of Infrastructure, and managed cloud services especially on Google Cloud Platform.
  • Big data and Data Science: we are experts developing customized Machine Learning algorithms that fit your needs to analyze your Data, and enhance your business.
  • Web and Mobile app Development: with extensive experience in latest web (and web app) technologies we provide you with the best possible Web (App) Development experience to enhance your platforms.

SaaS Computational Tool

SenTai has developed a time-series based computational engine solution that allows non technical people (e.g. Business Analysts) to define complex models and delegate the computational aspect and result rendering (though web widgets) to a cloud based platform (managed by SenTai).

The Quest online service has been developed using this engine.

The engine may process other models, be it in the insurance domain, renewable energy domain, etc., or any other industrial or financial domain which is based on time series.

Whether you need to :

  • build a new model based computational solution from scratch
  • rewrite an existing computational solution (as for Quest)
  • port some in-house excel prototype to a model-based computational solution

In order to process incoming time series (ex: financial data as Quest, or KPI from Solar panel, etc..), our team can help you assess if your project fits well with our SaaS approach.

  1. The first step is to understand your model and port it to our tree-like representation.
  2. In a second step we develop a prototype atop our engine so you can play with your model, make it evolve and see the Engine in action. This step includes input data integration, in general though API endpoint, but it could be FTP or else.

From there we can help you build a real web application to present the results of your computation.